If you need to assess your stockpile or equipment you can count on Invensol Hungary Ltd.’s professional inventory solutions.

Our company satisfies the inventory needs of every industry from retail to production, from health care to the automotive industry.
Thanks to the available significant human resources, as well as our technological background we are able to offer you uniquely customised service packages according to your needs.

Leave it to Invensol!

  • If you do not want your colleagues to spend time with time-consuming stock taking
  • If you have doubts about the results of previous stock takings
  • If it causes you difficulties to arrange stock taking before or after opening times
  • If you do not have enough staff to make the stock taking process quick and efficient
  • If you need a uniquely precise inventory
  • If you do not have the expensive IT equipment and system needed for stock taking
  • If you are looking for a flexible partner to carry out your stock taking

By doing so you and your colleagues will have more time and energy to deal with everyday business issues.

Do you have more stores maybe in different locations of the country?

Why not reduce your rental fees and increase your energies which you could reinvest in your business?
Feel free to assign our company with regular or one-off inventory solutions. Our profile is the inventory process, yours is trading.

Do you want to forget the slogan „closed for inventory” ?

Why not reduce unnecessary closing times and extra costs due to night and weekend shifts?

Invensol Hungary Ltd. takes stock of your inventory by adapting to your opening times.

Why to choose us?

Because we have developed a unique method and IT infrastructure to resolve errors that arise during stock taking, so that you can get the most precise information about your inventory after stock taking.

We wish to deliver the most precise inventory possible for you, accompanied with flexible pricing that suits your needs.

Our Services


Regular or one-off object-equipment inventory by barcodes


Fact-finding inventory solutions


Co-operation in the entire or partial outsourcing of inventory solutions


Delivery-acceptance record of equipment by barcodes

What We Offer

  • reliable and independent object-equipment inventory
  • high precision
  • efficient and quick workflow
  • professional hardware and software
  • inventory solutions before or after opening times
  • online tracking of the inventory process

For our inventory solutions we use our very own professional hardware and software which are suitable for keeping record of any barcode based inventory.

Having tested all available tools on the market we have chosen products of the most reliable hardware producers to build up our system. In order to make our inventory solutions effective and quick it is essential to work with as many data collectors as possible. Invensol has all the necessary data collectors and human resources.

Our internally developed software registers your inventory data according to your needs.

If you wish you can also follow the entire inventory process in real-time from a remote computer via internet.

From the first contact to the inventory closure


Meeting You

After you have contacted us we will meet you personally to assess the task and specify your needs.

Contact Us


Providing You

We will provide you with a quote.


Test Inventory

If necessary we will carry out a test inventory at a chosen location where you can ascertain the efficiency of our workflow.


Preparing Inventory Method

After you have placed your order or signed the contract we will prepare an inventory method tailor-made to your company by taking account of your specific inventory needs. We will also prepare some technical guidelines for your staff so they can prepare each location for the inventory process.


Making appointment

We will make an appointment for each location’s (stores/sites) inventory and establish the prospective size of the inventory.


Inventory Process

On the agreed date our staff will carry out the inventory process and we will deliver the results of the inventory right after which you can upload into your own stock register system. After uploading the results you can immediately see the stock variances.