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Manage your office space and assets in one.

Space and Asset Management System (SAM)
for smart office

The absolute basic tool for your agile/smart working environment. Change management platform, for the flexible need of the Facility Management, HR, or any department with direct relations of the office space.

Providing the most accurate yet simple solution to your working environment. Controlling the size and variety of Team Areas, design the most efficient format based on the floorplan layout.

Working on many devices

The multiplatform environment is capable to provide the ideal condition on any office format, PC, Mac and any touch-optimized applications, including iOS and Android.


Getting the value out of your data is something you cannot risk not having. With our customizable data reporting platform, you can choose the results based on importance, whether it’s occupancy, or a complete Facility Management analysis from our Dashboard module.

User Friendly and intuitive

Invensol SAM provide the most efficient method of accessing the information by a simplified platform in order to remain quick and easy during the entire process.


Safety is a No.1 priority when handling any amount of data. Our state of the art technology background will meet the highest IT security requirements of the industry.

Integrated modules of SAM

Desk Booking

Desk Booking Module

It is easy to manage flexible hours work.

Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Have a complete control of your assigned assets.


Admin Module

Customize your data with complete reporting options, including Occupancy results or User set-up's

Remote Work

Remote Work Module

Complete overview of your monthly schedule, where you are, at what time.


Reports Module

Asset list or Occupancy results? Any data can be reported in our customizable platform.

Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager

Follow the lifecycle of your Carfleet's operations, weather if it's assigned company cars, or a fleet of commercial vehicles.

FM Ticketing

FM Ticketing

Create, assign and follow facility service request tickets and control all your maintenance jobs.

MI Dashboard

MI Dashboard Module

Property Management analytical monitoring tool with customizable features.

We care about environmental impact.
Fewer buildings to maintain, less commuting to and from work, and fewer used office supplies to dispose of are just some of the ways flexible work policies help companies lower their carbon footprints.

Desk Booking

Invensol SAM Desk Booking is available to schedule and manage desk bookings in your office anytime, anywhere. It also gives a complete overview on the scheduled remote works and holidays on an easy to control platform.

The number of professionals who work remotely has grown substantially in the past several years which has led to employees performing their job functions outside of a traditional office setting. There is now a growing need for flexible office solutions, which allows employees to reserve work space on an as-needed rather than a traditional constantly reserved basis.

Flexible office helps to reduce the amount of physical space that an enterprise requires, immediately lowering overhead costs while ensuring access to necessary office space to the employees.

Users are able to

  • Choose Plan or Calendar view for booking
  • Check availability and book workstations/areas
  • View and edit their current bookings
  • Book remote work or holiday
  • Find the favorite workstation type
Mobile view of SAM Desk Booking Calendar

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Remote Work Module

With this module you have a full overview of your monthly location schedule. From home office to holidays, from Tuesday morning at the office desk to Wednesday afternoon at a local park working on your projects. If you are a Line Manager, here you can follow your Team member's location timeline, helping your interactions.

Monitor view of SAM Reports Module

Reports Module

Reporting options are based on the most common requirements of the enterprise sized organizations, but it also can be customized to your needs.


  • Remote Work Usage
  • Desk Booking Usage
  • Team Area Occupancy Reports
  • Assets Lists
  • Emploee Reports
  • Occupancy Reports

Admin Module

This tool can help you manage all the users accessing the required applications with various security levels. With the wide variety of user information, this application can be used by Human Resorces, IT and FM professionals to have an up to date information background on all employee based relations.

Integrated submodules: Team Area Manager, Organization Units Manager, Workstations Manager

Laptop view of SAM Asset Manager

Asset Manager Module

Your organization’s assets make up a large and costly financial investment. Do you have the tools to track them effectively?

The Asset Management Module enables you to track multiple classes of assets – office equipment, furniture, lab equipment, or even corporate artwork. You can link assets to CAD symbols on floor plans for easy location, ownership, and access to product information, greatly improving efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes. Graphical queries let you search for and visually display your assets on floor plans.

Inventory services and reporting assure you to have a complete lifespan control over your fixed assets from the day of the purchase to the final withdrawal.

Fleet Manager

Follow the complete lifecycle of your Carfleet's operations from day 1. The module gives all the valuabe information on your fleet's running operation, Lease data, servicing, insurance details and all other related costs.

Reporting is also easy and well detailed to assist your cost planning for this area.

MI Dashboard

A Property Management monitoring tool for planning, design and construction to optimize function and cost in Facility Management Operations. This module gives you full control of your property portfolio operations analysis. Real time data with actual results helps you to prevent, follow up and future plan your directives on every location.

Compare results between sites, report on major functions like rent, or occupancy, this tool is also customizable on your requirement.

Tablet view of SAM Facility Management Ticketing

Facility Management Ticketing

This revolutionary tool gives you and your assigned users the complete control of the maintenance and office supply at your facility. Creating, assigning and following facility service request tickets is a simple and easy task to anyone using this module. You can also measure the response times, supplier quality and user satisfaction.